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Script Timer

Bonus Scripts

Bonus Scripts

As well as receiving a group of bundled scripts with the program, upon registering Script Timer you will receive a URL and password to access additional scripts. Registered users should check back here periodically to see if any of the scripts have been updated.

Because of differences between OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and OS X 10.5 (Leopard), some of the scripts have two versions.

Here is the current list of bonus scripts:

App Monitor

Use this script to monitor the state of an application of your choice.

When it runs, it checks for the presence of the application in the table of processes. If it is not there, then the script will launch it.

change data file

This script allows you to use the Script Timer scheduling engine to automatically change the current data file. You might use this script if you wanted to schedule different sets of scripts at different times of the day, week, month, or year.


This script is handy for periodically checking your email at a regular time interval between certain hours of the day (e.g. every hour on the hour), or when your computer leaves an idle state (e.g. you return to using it after a break).


Use this script to schedule the popular internet program Interarchy to schedule an internet download. You may be able to adapt this script to another FTP program such as Fetch. Just examine that program's AppleScript dictionary for the appropriate commands.

file backup script

This little script can be used as a quick and convenient way to backup a single file.

movie player

Use this script to schedule the playing of a QuickTime movie.

movie stop

Use this script to stop the frontmost playing QuickTime movie. Simply schedule it to run in Script Timer at the time you want the movie to stop playing. Meant to be used in conjunction with the 'movie player' script in looping mode.

Nag Script


Schedule this script with a text message, a "snooze" time in minutes, and a "nag limit". When the script runs, it places a dialog on the screen with your message, the snooze time, and two buttons, "Done" and "Remind Me Later".

reconnect airport

This script is intended for use as a wakeup script. In some cases in OS X 10.4 the computer would fail to reconnect to its Airport network upon awakening. Thus this script was written. In the OS X 10.5 and later version of the script you can designate an alternate network to attempt to join if your designated network is not available.


Use this script to send email messages while you are away from your computer.

Truncate Timer Log

This script can prune the Script Timer log file down to a specified number of entries. (Original idea for this script courtesy of Paul Berkowitz, Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

weekday of year

This example script shows you how to schedule your script to do its thing on one weekday of the year, for example “second Sunday in May.”

Additional scripts may be supplied to registered users at a future date.

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