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Job Timer

Frequently Asked Questions

Job Timer Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Job Timer independent of Script Timer?
No. Job Timer could be run with another program capable of running AppleScript scripts (a script runner) that supports passing parameters to the script. However, Job Timer relies on some of the unique features of the Script Timer scheduling engine to run correctly.

2. Can I run Job Timer from Script Editor?
No. In the first place, Script Editor can't handle scripts with parameters, and secondly, Job Timer is distributed in run-only form as it contains some proprietary algorithms so it will not even open in Script Editor.

3. What happens if I leave my computer? Will Job Timer keep accumulating time for the job that the active window belongs to even if I’m not there?
Yes. Job Timer will keep accumulating time until the screen saver cuts in. You should always use the screen saver feature of your computer with a reasonably short period. See the Desktop and Screen Saver Preferences Panel in System Preferences.

4. Given FAQ #3, is there any way to improve the accuracy of my accumulated time?
Yes. When the screen saver comes on over one of a job’s windows Job Timer will stop accumulating time for that job. To increase accuracy you can arrange for a “hot corner” to place your mouse in to immediately start the screen saver and thus stop accumulating time. See the Desktop and Screen Saver Preferences Panel in System Preferences.

5. Can you create sub-tasks?
No. At present there is no way to subdivide a job into sub-tasks and keep track of the hours spent on them as well as the total time spent on all sub-tasks together.

6. Is there any way to combine or split the timing of jobs?

7. Can more than one user contribute to the accumulation of time for a job?
No. Job Timer is aimed at the self-employed person who makes their living working at their computer, not at a work group of any kind. Combining the hours of different workers must be done manually.

8. I have scheduled Job Timer to run as instructed, but there are no entries in the Script Timer log file showing it has run. What is wrong?
Either you did not save the changes to the Script Timer data file (File menu | Save) or the Script Timer scheduling engine is not running. If the scheduling engine is running you should see the words “Scheduling Engine On” in the middle right of the Script Timer data file window, and next to them a button labeled “Stop”. If the button is labeled “Start”, click on it to start the scheduling engine.

9. I get an error message in the Script Timer log file complaining that the input file was not found. I know that I created it and saved it as instructed. What gives?
Unless the Job Timer input file is in the folder “/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/Script Timer/“ you must specify it’s complete data file path in the Script Timer action panel “Parameters” field.

10. What happens if I use a job name that is identical to the start of another job name? Can Job Timer still figure out which job to assign a particular file to?
Yes. Job Timer always tries to match the start of a file name with the longest job names in the Job Timer input file first. So for example if you had two jobs named “Job1” and “Job12”, a file called “Job12 ReadMe.pdf” would be correctly assigned to Job12. It would not assume it was a file called “2 ReadMe.pdf” associated with Job1.

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