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Helper Scripts

Helper Scripts to Use With Track Timer, iTunes, and Script Timer

The Track Timer folder contains a number of scripts to use with it and iTunes. They are discussed in detail in the file “About Helper Scripts” in the “Helper Scripts” folder inside the “Track Timer” folder. If you want to use any of these scripts, it is recommended (but not required) that you copy them to your Designated Items to Schedule Folder for convenience.

pause iTunes
- if iTunes is currently playing, pause it

play iTunes - if iTunes is currently paused, start it playing again from where it last played

playpause iTunes - combines the above two scripts to toggle iTunes between play and pause

sound ramper - change the sound volume up or down while iTunes is playing

Use this script to change the sound volume of your iTunes playlist during play. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Track Timer and Script Timer's dynamic scheduling feature to allow you to gently wake up or go to sleep to music.

stop iTunes - stop the current track and reset the play marker to the front of the track

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