Track Timer Upgrade Offer

Track Timer comes bundled with Script Timer, so is automatically upgraded when you upgrade your copy of Script Timer.

Version 2.7 of Script Timer is a free upgrade for registered users of version 2.0 and higher. NOTE: Version 2.6.4 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. (NOTE: Version 2.6.4 requires an Intel Core Duo or later based Macintosh. Version 2.6.3 is still available for Intel Core Solo based machines. Please contact us if you need a copy.

Script Timer 1.x users who registered before 2004 July 28 are eligible for a free upgrade to version 2.7. (Registration codes for 1.x versions of Script Timer are not valid for the newer version. Eligible registered version 1.x users should contact us to obtain a new registration code.)